Bottling & Canning

Bottling & canning

Whether your company fills cans, bottles, jars or pouches, you must have surely met unwanted surface moisture problems. Thanks to the Dri-Line Series drying systems, these problems are a thing of the past.

These systems, which have been especially developed for the bottling and filling industries, are extremely efficient both for cold and hot filling. This enables you to maximize the benefits offered by today’s innovative labeling and packaging technology, without making compromises.

For every step of the bottling process

Whether your line speed is 70.000 bottles or 80.000 cans per hour, the Dri-Line Series offers a complete and moisture-free solution for every step of the bottling and packaging process:

  • Sleeve labelling
  • Inkjet coding
  • In order to avoid stress corrosion
  • For hygienical reasons
  • Packing in cardboard boxes
  • ...

These systems prove their efficiency in the food and beverage industry every day. We offer drying solutions for cans, bottles (glass en PET), barrels, crates, pallets and boxed drinks.

Our systems are used by hundreds of brands from the food and beverage industry. We also supply to the main bottling and filling line manufacturers. The Dri-Line systems are standard made of stainless steel in order to meet the international health standards and practices.

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